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Word from our founder

I love softball. Each morning I wake up excited to get to work. This is a wonderful sport that has everything: speed, hand-eye, skill, excitement, power, execution under pressure. Playing the game is molding our daughters through physical and mental challenges: to suffer & strive to produce those moments of magic, to be a part of a team/family striving to achieve a shared goal- all are the beauty of softball. Excel Elite has the special opportunity to positively impact our youth in ways that go beyond the softball field.  The training at Excel Elite  will play a powerful role in forging how your daughter competes.  To me, there is no better measure than putting your all into a practice and training then putting what you've learned into action on game day by then striving valiantly & daring greatly and maybe even coming up short BUT then because of your commitment to EXCEL  you get back up, dust off, learn from the struggle & resolve to do it all over again.

                                                    - Michael Lotief